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What are the grounds for a fault-based divorce in New Jersey?

In many states across the nation, there is a simplified divorce procedure where a couple only needs to say they have irreconcilable differences and they can be granted a divorce. New Jersey has no-fault and fault-based divorce. It is important to understand when and how to seek a divorce in either category. A no-fault divorce generally requires the parties to say their differences cannot be bridged and there is no chance to reconcile. They also must be separated for at least 18 months. For couples who want a more expeditious resolution, a fault-based divorce might be preferable.

Celebrities can struggle emotionally after divorce, too

When you think about divorce, what are some thoughts that first come to mind? The truth is that every divorce is different, but it's likely all couples involved in a divorce will cycle through the full range of emotions at some point in the process. When we look at people in the public eye, like celebrities, they may all appear to handle it effortlessly. It's possible that this could be some couples' experience, but the opposite can also be true.

Retirement assets and divorce

Ending a marriage is often accompanied by the difficult and sometimes contentious task of dividing the couple's assets, especially assets that were accrued over many years. In a New Jersey divorce, retirement assets may be an important part of property division. Pensions and other retirement assets are usually the highest valued property that that the couple held. These assets are usually more valuable than the couple's house.

Protecting your wallet after divorce

Ending a marriage may double household expenses because spouses must independently pay for living costs that they shared. Undertaking a divorce should also include financial planning for life after the marriage is over.First, divorce expenses must be managed. Professional invoices should be reviewed, and a spouse should become familiar with the cost and length of this process to anticipate expenses.

When can I stop paying alimony to my ex?

An award of alimony may be made during a New Jersey divorce. Alimony is the payment of money from one party to the other once a marriage has legally ended. For some divorcing couples, alimony is a short-term commitment to help one of the parties get back on their feet. For others, alimony may last for the rest of the recipient's life.

When financial infidelity affects a marriage

There are numerous reasons that New Jersey marriages end, but one of the most painful events that can lead to the end of a legal relationship is adultery. Adultery involves the extramarital sexual relationship of a person with a third party. When it happens, it may cause a difficult and unfixable rift between the person committing adultery and their spouse. Adultery, also called infidelity, can cause a lack of trust and support between two people who committed to spend their lives together.

How long does it take to get a divorce?

When a New Jersey resident decides that they want to do something, they may hope to accomplish their goal as fast as possible. While some tasks can start and finish in a relatively short amount of time, others may require days, months or even years to fully finish before they may be considered completed. Though few divorces take multiple years to work through, divorces can last for months after their initial filings.

New Jersey laws impact divorce procedures and outcomes

The term "divorce" refers to the process of ending a legal relationship and returning two people to the status of single. Across the nation, individuals may seek to end their marriages in divorce and to live their lives separate and apart from their partners. Divorce is an option for New Jersey residents, and those who decide to pursue it should be aware that state law controls it.

The separation period before a no-fault divorce

Divorces in New Jersey may be based on different grounds. While some of those grounds are based on the alleged fault of one or both of the parties, divorces that result from individuals simply growing apart from their spouses are often based on the no-fault option. Before the parties to a marital couple may secure a no-fault divorce in the state, they must satisfy the statutory waiting period set forth under New Jersey law.

When divorce and retirement coincide

A New Jersey resident may spend the better part of their life working so that one day they can leave their job and retire. Most people do not meet their retirement age until well after the 50th birthdays, and some work well into their 60's and 70's. When they do finally get to the point where they are financially secure enough to quit their jobs, they may find that they are no longer happy in their marriages.

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