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May 2019 Archives

Are you worried about how your divorce will affect your children?

Like most New Jersey parents, you want what is best for your children. In fact, their well-being is among your highest priorities in life. Any number of adult issues can have a trickledown effect when it comes to raising a family. For instance, if you or your spouse loses a job, it can have a significant impact on your children's lives, especially if yours is a single-income household.

Legal assistance for those in need of marital agreements

A marital agreement is an important legal document for individuals who wish to protect their assets and make financially sound decisions about their wealth. In New Jersey, individuals can enter into marital agreements before their weddings, but they can also create postnuptial agreements if they wish to wait until they have said, "I do". The Law Office of Robert Ricci is available to support clients with these and other family law issues.

When financial infidelity affects a marriage

There are numerous reasons that New Jersey marriages end, but one of the most painful events that can lead to the end of a legal relationship is adultery. Adultery involves the extramarital sexual relationship of a person with a third party. When it happens, it may cause a difficult and unfixable rift between the person committing adultery and their spouse. Adultery, also called infidelity, can cause a lack of trust and support between two people who committed to spend their lives together.

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