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February 2019 Archives

The separation period before a no-fault divorce

Divorces in New Jersey may be based on different grounds. While some of those grounds are based on the alleged fault of one or both of the parties, divorces that result from individuals simply growing apart from their spouses are often based on the no-fault option. Before the parties to a marital couple may secure a no-fault divorce in the state, they must satisfy the statutory waiting period set forth under New Jersey law.

Providing for one's child with a modified child support agreement

Along with child custody, child support is one of the most important issues that New Jersey parents must work out to allow their kids to continue to live loved and supported after their parents' divorces. Child support is generally established through statewide guidelines, though variations to those calculations can be permissible when such actions are necessary to protect the needs of the children. However, as parents know, the needs of children can change over time and can impose greater demands on the financial resources of their caregivers.

Is my spouse concealing assets from me?

We don't want to think the worst of others, even when that person is a soon-to-be-ex-spouse. However, when the time comes to determine a divorce agreement, it can sometimes bring out the worst in people. You would hope that your spouse wouldn't resort to concealing assets from you, but experts warn that it is an all-too-common event in many divorces.

When divorce and retirement coincide

A New Jersey resident may spend the better part of their life working so that one day they can leave their job and retire. Most people do not meet their retirement age until well after the 50th birthdays, and some work well into their 60's and 70's. When they do finally get to the point where they are financially secure enough to quit their jobs, they may find that they are no longer happy in their marriages.

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