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What are a few signs that you’re in an abusive relationship?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

Realizing you’re in an abusive relationship can be shattering. If you have denied it, you’re not alone. Many victims of domestic abuse deny the state of their relationships. In New Jersey, you can take the first step toward getting help by acknowledging the abuse. There are also a few signs that can indicate an abusive relationship.

Humiliating you with verbal abuse

Some signs of domestic abuse can be recognized through certain humiliating things your partner says or does. Yelling, screaming and swearing are often done to intimidate you into submission. They may call you names and embarrass you in public. Your partner may even have insulting pet names for you such as something insinuating that you’re fat or stupid.

Controlling and shaming

Domestic abuse can involve the use of control over you through threats, lectures and monitoring. Your partner may always threaten you to do something if you say you’re going to leave them. They might lecture you when they claim you did something wrong. Your partner might even exert their control over you by secretly monitoring you or spying on you by going through your smartphone and stalking you when you’re out.

Accusing, blaming and denying

Your partner may be guilty of domestic abuse if they are constantly accusing you of cheating when you’re completely faithful. They might even turn around and cheat on you, only to blame you for it because they’re “so sure” that you were cheating first. They often do or say something abusive and then blame you for it. They also have a habit of denying the abuse against you.

Emotional neglect and isolation

Abusers emotionally isolate their victims. If you’re in such a relationship, your partner might isolate you by keeping you from seeing your family and friends. They want to be the only person in your life and accuse you of not loving them if you have any outside relationships. They might even turn other people against you as a way of keeping you all to themselves.

Coming to the realization that you’re in an abusive relationship can be frightening and sad. You will want to get help. If things can’t get better with your partner, you might want to consider getting out.

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