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Our Firm Holds Abusive Partners Accountable

The state of New Jersey has some of the strictest laws in the nation regarding violence in the home directed at a spouse. If you are the victim of domestic violence, please seek legal counsel from an experienced lawyer immediately.

Actionable Legal Counsel To Protect Your Rights

Strong representation is essential in all matters of family-focused legal issues, but is especially crucial in domestic violence cases. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by an abusive spouse. Protect yourself and your loved ones by obtaining results-focused representation for civil action.

At the Law Office of Robert Ricci, Jr., we offer an adaptable, commonsense approach to pursue results for our clients. In every case, our attorney places clients’ concerns first — even down to the billing, where we avoid the excessive billing practices of other firms.

Overcoming Challenges To Secure Your Family’s Future

Our experienced and dedicated lawyer is here to help you and your family move forward in a positive direction. Secure a better tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones and put this difficult time behind you. Our firm offers a unique, adaptable holistic approach to address the complex legal procedures involved in a domestic violence dispute. We are here to support you through each stage of your case and help overcome your legal challenges so you can start a better chapter for your family. Contact our Clark office today and allow us to answer your legal questions.

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Please reach out to us today to partner with our experienced team. Attorney Robert Ricci Jr. has earned the respect of local court staff for his steadfast dedication and commonsense approach to practicing family law. Let us review your case with you during a free consultation. Our number is 732-587-7051, and we are always happy to correspond with you via email, if preferred. End the cycle of violence right now and move forward in a positive direction.