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Working with a CDFA during a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Divorce |

Persons going through a divorce may have many concerns about their finances. Financial considerations could extend for years after the divorce, depending upon the individual’s fiscal footing. New Jersey divorce settlement discussions may take some time because both parties want an equitable result that does not leave them struggling. Working with a certified divorce financial analyst could be a good decision.

Meeting with a CDFA

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) performs a duty that many divorcing spouses may find valuable. A CDFA provides financial counseling and advice during the divorce process. What makes their talents unique would be the ability to discuss finances from a perspective that has experience with the complexities of divorce.

There are several ways a CDFA could help someone understand their financial situation. A divorcing spouse may not fully appreciate their debt obligations, but a CDFA can analyze them and paint a fiscal picture.

Other financial concerns

Besides debts and obligations, people may have a limited understanding of their assets. Some individuals might only maintain a limited understanding of their net worth and assets. A CDFA could help someone gain a full perspective of their assets, which might be very helpful before a divorce.

Others may find it beneficial to discuss aspects of their settlement negotiations with a CDFA. An equitable settlement could be a vital element of the divorce process, and some spouses may need a reasonable amount of assets to navigate their post-divorce life.

Spousal and child support could be significantly helpful to someone needing to cover budgetary and other expenses. Negotiating spousal support amounts may take time and effort, but the result could be necessary when hoping to find one’s footing when a marriage ends.

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