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Financial life after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2023 | Divorce |

Life after divorce may come with challenges, and some of them could be financial. Money matters might take precedence in someone’s life when they shift from a two-income household to one after the marriage dissolves. Seeking an appropriate equitable settlement in a New Jersey Family Court could help someone hoping for stable financial footing. The person might also find value in proper fiscal management to establish their financial footing more firmly.

Finances post-divorce

After a divorce, it would appear to make sense to become accustomed to a new monthly budget. Living within one’s means seems advisable under any circumstances, and someone attempting to maintain a lifestyle that one cannot afford as a single person may lead to troubling financial consequences. Effectively budgeting for one’s household and living expenses could make things easier. The same may apply to attempts to earn additional money from a side job.

Depending on the circumstances, a side job could become a lucrative full-time job. Someone who invests time and effort into learning new skills or gaining accreditations might find their second income helps them immensely.

Other financial concerns

After a divorce, it becomes necessary to establish credit in one’s own name. After all, it is doubtful anyone would maintain joint credit accounts with an ex-spouse. Once someone has built a decent amount of available credit in their name, it seems wise to avoid excessive borrowing. Doing so could lead someone into serious debt problems.

Other things to consider include addressing taxes or any past tags debt. Often, settlement negotiations may involve determining who pays what portion of any amassed tax debt. The same may apply to other obligations incurred during the marriage. Therefore, effective and equitable asset distribution negotiations could benefit all parties to a divorce.

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