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A Common Sense Approach To

Keeping your children in mind as you divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Divorce |

Family means everything to New Jersey parents, but that doesn’t always mean they must stay married. If divorce is unavoidable, it could be for the best. At the same time, many children are badly hurt when their parents split; these are ways you can protect them.

Avoid going to court

Most people automatically think of traditional court divorce when their marriage is over. When you have children, it’s better to avoid going this route because it can only hurt them. Traditional divorce is often long and emotionally draining for everyone; choosing divorce mediation or collaborative divorce is better for everyone. You and your spouse dictate all the terms of your split and are able to keep things off public record and protect your kids.

Don’t fight in front of them

Fighting among spouses is common during divorce, but things can get ugly with children around. Remaining respectful and civil is the key; if you run into an issue that warrants an argument, make sure your kids are not in your presence before you discuss things.

Don’t take your frustrations out on them

Sadly, it’s not unusual for parents going through a divorce to snap at their children. Often, this happens because they’re upset with their spouse, but the kids are the ones around. Focusing your frustrations on them is the wrong way to go and only serves to hurt them.

Avoid blaming anyone

It’s easy to blame your spouse when you break up, but it’s best to avoid doing that. Your children don’t want to hear how their other parent is to blame for the divorce. It’s unfair to them and they don’t need the details of your personal situation.

Your children may get depressed during your divorce. This is normal, but being there for them and looking out for their best interests can ease things.

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