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Why divorce can be beneficial for New Jersey families

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Divorce |

There’s no question that divorce can be challenging for New Jersey families. It’s uprooting your children’s routine and everything they know.

There are reasons that you and your spouse are considering divorce though. While hard, you shouldn’t let the hardship deter you. Ultimately, there may be some benefits families see after divorce.

Less conflict for your children after divorce

If you’re considering divorce, there’s a good chance your marriage is full of conflict. Sometimes you and your spouse are just at odds, but other times these conflicts can turn into screaming matches.

Regardless of the scale, seeing parents fight is damaging for children of all ages. Divorcing your spouse means you see less of them, which can reduce the chances of intense conflict around the children.

Reduced conflict is the biggest benefit families see after divorce. Children will slowly relax into the new routines, and you will find they’re more at peace as time passes. Parents will notice they’re also more relaxed, which gives them the space to focus on parenting.

Better co-parents than lovers

Many couples realize later on that they were better friends than lovers. The same thing can be said about parents divorcing; many parents find they’re better able to co-parent after divorce.

Now that you’re not sharing finances or other responsibilities that cause conflict, you can focus your conversations on the children. You both love your children, so without the stress of a partnership, you might be able to better co-parent together after the divorce.

Role modeling positive relationships and boundaries

As you and your ex-spouse work together to create a healthy co-parenting relationship, you’re modeling healthy behaviors for your children. You’re also teaching your children that walking away from an unhealthy situation or relationship is okay.

You’re also modeling what a healthy relationship and friendship should look like. These will be lessons that your child carries with them well into their adulthood. If you’re unsure if divorce is right for you, consider what behavior you’re modeling currently for your children.

There’s nothing wrong with recognizing that you need a divorce for self-fulfillment. By pursuing the life you want, you’re allowing yourself to be the best version of yourself for your children.

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