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New age of prenups

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Marital Agreements |

Over the past couple of years, the millennial age group has slowly begun to change certain rules placed by the generations before them. Everything from how they conduct themselves in the workplace to how long or even if they want a family has changed dramatically. However, in this piece, we will look into how millennials in New Jersey and around the nation are dealing with marriage, particularly when it comes to prenups.

Societal realities

There’s no doubt that society has changed dramatically over just the past 10 years. Because millennials have grown with this change, it is no surprise why they want certain items included in their prenup. However, experts have also pointed to other factors for their yearning to add previously committed items into their prenup. One of those examples includes the family structure from where they came from. The fact is that many of those millennials who are looking to craft a prenup do so because they themselves have witnessed a broken marriage.

Social media

As stated above, society has changed dramatically, and that includes how we communicate with the world. Social media is, for many, a necessity. Either they need it for work, school, or to keep in contact with family members. However, it can also be a source of cheating on a spouse. Many will include this into their prenup in order to prove infidelity to a judge in the event of a divorce.


One of the biggest problems plaguing millennials is debt, especially that deriving from school loans. Therefore it is no surprise why so many seek to keep finances separate. They will include in the prenup wording that helps them keep things such as bank accounts and, yes, student loans separate as much as possible.

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