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Warning signs that you should consider signing a prenup

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Firm News |

People often think that a prenuptial agreement is an indicator that one or possibly both spouses about to enter into a marriage don’t think their relationship will likely succeed.

However, the impetus for creating a prenuptial agreement is not concern about the relationship’s failure but rather the impact the relationship might have on the rest of someone’s life.

If your circumstances meet any of the following criteria, you may want to consider talking with your loved one about a prenuptial agreement.

You or your spouse intend to run a business or professional practice

Maybe you’ve always dreamed about opening up a restaurant, or perhaps your fiance is almost done with their graduate degree and will soon be a full-fledged accountant who will probably need to start their own practice to optimize their income.

If either you or your fiance has professional aspirations that will involve owning your own business, a prenuptial agreement to talk about what will happen if you start a business during your marriage can protect your future now at the beginning of this new relationship.

Either of you has valuable property that you want to keep separate

Maybe you already own your own house, or perhaps your spouse has inherited unique property like fine art that you will hopefully both enjoy in your marital home.

If both partners will use or occasionally have access to certain assets that were originally the property of only one spouse, a prenuptial agreement designating that property as separate in the event of a divorce can prevent the loss of your most significant assets.

The two of you will create a blended family

If either of you or both of you have children from previous marriages, that can quickly complicate the process of getting a divorce. Setting up rules now while the two of you are on good terms will make it easier for you to focus on protecting your children and your future if you do decide to get divorced.

Wanting a prenuptial agreement doesn’t mean you want your marriage to fail. It shows that you have seriously considered the commitment you intend to make and that you want to ensure things go as smoothly as possible, even if the outcome isn’t what you both wish for at this point in your lives.

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