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What factors determine the amount of your spousal support?

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Your divorce will bring significant financial changes to your life. If you earn less money than your spouse, you may have fears regarding what will happen to your finances. You depend on your husband or wife for your income or a majority of your income, and your financial future may seem bleak. 

That is why there is spousal support. The intent of alimony is to address the economic disparity often experienced by the lesser-earning spouse in many divorces. If you are eligible, you are probably wondering how much you can get and how long these payments will last. It could be in your interests to learn more about how courts view spousal support and what factors determine your eligibility.

How much will you get?

There are several things that can impact the amount of spousal support you may be eligible to receive. The answers to the following questions can help determine the amount of potential spousal support payments:

  • Did you give up your career in support of your spouse’s career or to stay home with the children?
  • Did you earn significantly less than your spouse and rely on him or her for significant financial support?
  • What type of standard of living did you enjoy over the course of the marriage?

The amount of spousal support a New Jersey family court may order depends on the answers to these questions and numerous other factors, including income, expenses and more.

How long will you receive support?

In some cases, a court may determine that it is actually appropriate to award permanent alimony. Other times, it may only award it to one spouse for a specific and limited amount of time. The basis for this may depend on answers to the following:

  • How long were you married, and did you work at any point during the marriage?
  • Does your physical health and mental state allow you to reenter the workforce at some point?
  • How long will it take for you to find a job or get the education and training you need to get back to work?

You have the right to pursue the support that you need to offset the financial struggles you may experience because of your divorce. Some couples are able to resolve this issue out of court, but if you are not able to do so, you may want to speak to an attorney about how you can seek a fair and beneficial resolution.

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