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The benefits of marital agreements

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Marital Agreements |

The average age of people getting married in New Jersey has risen, compared to previous generations. There are at least a couple reasons why. Many people are waiting longer in life to get married, compared to previous generations. Others have been married before and are getting married again later in life.

Whatever the specific reason, in the time before they choose to marry, some people may become parents, acquire significant wealth or start their own businesses. With these important things all potentially in existence before getting married, some partners may wish to protect their individual interests in the event that the marriage ends in divorce. Parents may also want to set up secure means of inheritance for children from previous relationships.

Accomplishing these and other tasks can be tricky, but often individuals can find success in structuring their pre and post-marital lives through marital agreements. Some martial agreements may be executed before individuals’ wed, and others may be created after their unions are solidified. Martial agreements can provide financial clarity and property rights for those who enter their marriages with money, assets, and other lucrative interests.

It is often a good idea for individuals to talk to their trusted family law attorneys about whether martial agreements may serve their needs. While any person may find use in a marital agreement, such a contract must be properly drafted and executed in order to be valid. A family law attorney should be consulted by those who what to prepare and execute marital agreements between themselves and their future or new spouses.

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