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How courts decide where children should live

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Family Law |

Custody is a major consideration for any parents who choose to go through divorce. And physical custody involves the decision of where a child should live and which parent should be responsible for their day-to-day needs once their parents’ marriage has ended. In New Jersey, there are a number of considerations that courts undertake before they make decisions about the physical custody of children.

One consideration that may have bearing on where a child will live is how well they interact with their parents. If a child has a good relationship with one parent and a strained relationship with the other, the court may be more inclined to place the child with the parent who will be more supportive of them. Additionally, children over the age of 12 may be able to assert their own preferences regarding which parent they would prefer to live with in custodial matters.

Courts will look into the work responsibilities of parents when making child custody decisions. If a parent travels constantly for work, then they may not be able to provide a stable home for their child. A parent’s own needs and ability to provide support to their child will also be assessed in deciding if they should be granted physical custody rights.

Physical custody may be shared or assigned solely to one parent. A parent who lacks physical custody rights to their child may be able to set up a visitation plan so that they may still see their child. These and other important child custody and family law topics can be explored with more depth. This information could help a parent work through or act on custody issues he or she is currently having.

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