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How long does it take to get a divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Divorce |

When a New Jersey resident decides that they want to do something, they may hope to accomplish their goal as fast as possible. While some tasks can start and finish in a relatively short amount of time, others may require days, months or even years to fully finish before they may be considered completed. Though few divorces take multiple years to work through, divorces can last for months after their initial filings.

This is because there are many steps that must be finished before a divorce can be finalized. A party must file for divorce in order to start the process in the courts, and the opposing party must be given time to receive notice of the initial filing and submit their own response. The parties may need time to secure their own counselors and advocates and may wish to undertake valuations of their property prior to dividing it up.

It can take parents a significant amount of time to find workable resolutions to divorce matters involving their children. The custody and support of children are important divorce considerations that require individualized negotiations to ensure that the kids are provided with the best possible care and support for their needs. Divorces are also subject to the schedules of the courts and may be limited to when their hearings may happen.

Many factors can therefore influence just how long it takes two New Jersey residents to end their marriage through divorce. To better understand the timeline that may affect one’s own divorce proceedings, readers are encouraged to contact their personal family law attorneys for case-specific information and guidance.

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