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Modern Family star divvy’s up assets in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Divorce |

In the public eye or not, ending a marriage is difficult. There are many serious issues to sort out, making it especially challenging for those attempting to get through the process while the general public is commenting on their every move.

Modern Family star Julie Bowen, 48, and her ex-husband, Scott Phillips, have reached a settlement agreement in their divorce, which Bowen filed in February 2018. The parties chose to privately and amicably settle the case by divvying up all assets as equally as possible.

Page Six reports that Bowen will walk away with $13 million in assets, and Phillips will retain $12.3 million. Bowen owned a home in Los Angeles which she purchased after the parties split up. She will retain that property, worth $3.1 million. Phillips will keep the marital home, said to be worth $5.4 million. The parties also divided up their bank accounts, with Bowen keeping two of them totaling $3.8 million. Other accounts will be split up evenly as well.

This case is proof that, with an experienced divorce attorney, even extremely high-value divorces can end peacefully. Any divorce in which the parties enter into with a fair and amicable mindset can be negotiated and settled outside of court, allowing everyone involved to move on with their lives with as little damage as possible. Though the parties in this case chose to keep their custody agreement private, it was likely settled just as equally as asset division.

Divorces are hard enough. There is no need to add additional stress and contention by being unwilling to do what is best for all involved. If spouses can agree to work together, the process can move quickly and quietly, allowing both parties, as well as any children involved, to move forward in a healthy way.

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