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Helping you address domestic violence during a divorce

No relationship is perfect. Whether it is between spouses, partners, parent and child or even siblings, disagreements and disputes are natural occurrences in these types of relationships. Unfortunately, some of these arguments get heated. This can result in physical altercation or act of domestic violence. And in cases where these acts occurred between a married couple in New Jersey and elsewhere, the victim of this type of abuse has the ability and right to take action to hold the other spouse accountable.

What is the purpose of a protective order?

Domestic violence affects many victims throughout New Jersey. While some victims may carry the tell-tale signs of abuse on their bodies, others may suffer emotional and psychological harm from their tormentors and may appear perfectly fine to those around them. Both men and women can be victims of domestic violence, and both men and women can be perpetrators of harm on members of their families and households.

A review of domestic violence in New Jersey

Domestic violence is a difficult topic for individuals who live in Clark. Victims who suffer at the hands of people who should love and support them may not want to call attention to themselves and friends who recognize the signs of it in their friends' lives may not want to address the uncomfortable topic. However, domestic violence is a reality for too many men and women, and understanding what it is can be the first step toward getting through it.

Domestic violence in New Jersey

Domestic violence has been a hot topic in the state of New Jersey for several years now. According to an article published in 2015, eight out of every 10 domestic violence cases filed in a New Jersey municipal court were dismissed for lack of evidence or because the victims chose not to follow through with the charges. In 2014, there were approximately 52 deaths in New Jersey related to domestic violence, and, in 2013, the state was ranked 21st in the nation for homicides involving domestic partner relationships. These statistics were so alarming that the New Jersey Supreme Court formed a task force dedicated to taking a hard look at domestic violence and suggesting changes that need to be made to the law.

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