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One of the many facets of divorce that families must consider is how to care for and support children adequately. The process of divorce can be an especially tumultuous period in a child’s life. Reaching outcomes which provide appropriate levels of future support is crucial to your children’s future well-being. Child support should be exclusively used to benefit the child and not as an additional means of income for an ex-spouse.

The Law Office of Robert Ricci, Jr., helps you put your child’s best interests first, while still protecting your parental rights. We can help you come to a child support agreement that allows your child to flourish in the years to come.

Obtaining Adequate Support For Your Children

To protect your children’s future interests throughout the negotiation process, it is critical that you seek legal counsel. Our team possesses over two decades of experience fighting to obtain maximum child support outcomes for our clients across New Jersey. We evaluate all factors to come to appropriate support terms, including the child’s unique needs and each parent’s financial situation.

Modification Of Past Agreements

You may be able to modify child support agreements established during prior divorce proceedings. Often, when one of both parties plans to relocate residences, or a parent receives a significant change in income, agreements may be modified.

While alterations can be tied to any significant change in life, most modifications will focus on child support or child custody terms. If you believe the circumstances surrounding your child support agreement have changed, reach out to our firm to discuss your options.

Trust An Experienced Lawyer To Help Resolve Child Support Modifications

Our lawyer’s experience in the complexities of family law yields tangible results. At our firm, attorney Ricci Jr. served as a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panelist across multiple counties since 1998. Additionally, he authored “Child Support: A Guide For High-Income Cases” in the September 9, 2002, edition of New Jersey Lawyer.

Your children deserve the full range of compassion and support you and your ex-spouse can provide. You can obtain effective child support agreements and modifications through actionable and experienced legal counsel. Reach out to our Clark law firm today and discover how we can make a difference in your family’s future. Call today at 732-587-7051 and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. Please also feel free to connect with us through email.