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Seeking Positive Outcomes For Your Family’s Child Custody Concerns

When a couple with children faces divorce, it is wise for them to seek legal counsel to ensure both their parental rights and the best interests of the child are protected. The process of determining child custody is often complicated and emotional. Let the Law Office of Robert Ricci, Jr., stand by your side to provide the legal support you need. We can assist with drafting a child custody plan for your family to keep your children’s support needs at the forefront of the discussion.

Potential Outcomes For Child Custody Cases

Determining appropriate child custody arrangements will involve negotiation between parties to define where the children will live each week, month or year. As with many other family law cases, there are a wide range of possible outcomes. However, with legal issues focused on family child custody concerns, some of the most common parenting time outcomes include:

  • Sole custody: Under this outcome, one parent retains full custody of the children. This arrangement often results in cases which include abuse, neglect or criminal activity involving one parent.
  • 50-50 even split child custody option: Under this arrangement, children will spend an equal portion of time with each parent. However, this option is not always entirely feasible due to geographic restrictions.
  • Compromise: You or your former spouse may have an ideal arrangement in mind, but a viable child custody plan will include elements that work for all involved. Ultimately, children’s needs must remain the focal point of the entire negotiation process.

Adaptable Representation Is Critical To Securing Results

Family law matters require adaptable legal representation. At the Law Office of Robert Ricci, Jr., our lawyer has over 25 years of experience providing client-focused legal counsel. We can handle all phases of negotiation and will adjust our style to help ensure optimal outcomes for you and your family. Our firm leverages our extensive experience and background in family law to address the full spectrum of your complex legal concerns. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our cases.

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