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Can New Jersey marital agreements be unenforceable?

New Jersey couples who decide to sign a premarital agreement might do so for a variety of reasons. Both sides might have property they want to protect in case the marriage does not work out. One side could have a business or other assets that he or she does not want to be subject to property division in the event of divorce. Or there could be a simple goal to keep the property separate regardless of its value.

The benefits of marital agreements

The average age of people getting married in New Jersey has risen, compared to previous generations. There are at least a couple reasons why. Many people are waiting longer in life to get married, compared to previous generations. Others have been married before and are getting married again later in life.

Legal assistance for those in need of marital agreements

A marital agreement is an important legal document for individuals who wish to protect their assets and make financially sound decisions about their wealth. In New Jersey, individuals can enter into marital agreements before their weddings, but they can also create postnuptial agreements if they wish to wait until they have said, "I do". The Law Office of Robert Ricci is available to support clients with these and other family law issues.

Certain matters cannot be resolved through marital agreements

A martial agreement is a powerful tool. It can help New Jersey residents work out particular financial and property-based matters that may affect their rights during their marriages. As many people know, marital agreements can also help individuals settle their divorces faster, as certain important decisions and discussions have already happened in the preparation of their contracts.

Who may benefit from a premarital agreement?

Premarital agreements, also called prenuptial agreements, are not romantic. In fact, they are contracts that are put into place to help resolve future conflicts between individuals who have not even formalized their relationships in marriage. However, there are many good reasons why New Jersey residents may want to enter into premarital agreements before they say "I do".

Couples may wish to consider postnuptial agreements

A premarital agreement, sometimes called a prenuptial agreement or a prenup, is a contract that two individuals can make before they get married. In their contract, the parties can stipulate how they will handle some of the financial or property-based decisions they may be forced to encounter if they choose to later end their marriage in divorce. Premarital agreements can be entered into in New Jersey, or couples can wait until after they are married to create postnuptial agreements.

What can cause a premarital agreement to be invalidated?

Prenuptial agreements are written contracts that individuals may execute before getting married. In such an agreement a New Jersey couple may decide if and how they will manage their money and property during their marriage, and they also may decide how they will split that money and property up in the event that their relationship ends in divorce. However, not every premarital agreement is found to be valid when it is reviewed during a divorce. This post will address some of the ways in which a premarital agreement may be rendered invalid by a court.

Marriage agreements do not have to happen prior to marriage

It is a common misconception that a marital agreement must occur prior to a wedding. While a pre-nuptial agreement is designed for that purpose, there are other types of agreements that may be executed while married. They are commonly referred to as mid-marriage or post-nuptial agreements. A recent article explains how a post-nuptial agreement can even save a marriage.

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