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Depression affects spouses

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2022 | Divorce |

A person might suffer major depression for numerous reasons. Spouses caught in the web of depression may not realize how their mental state affects a spouse until divorce proceedings in a New Jersey court become unavoidable.

Depression affects marriages

A marriage could suffer incredible strain when spouses do not communicate with one another. Depressions might lead to feeling withdrawn, resulting in a spouse becoming less willing to talk. In time, such behavior may cause a marriage to suffer consistent friction when the two partners grow apart.

While it is true that some depressed people lose interest in their hobbies, others look for ways to alleviate their feelings. They may embrace escapism as a way of numbing their feelings. Several drawbacks might result when things go too far. A spouse who spends too much time with hobbyist pursuits may cause the relationship to detach further, expanding rifts.

Numbing feelings with mind-occupying activities might deliver financial costs. Someone in the throes of depression may run up debts to cover their distracting activities. A spouse could worry about retirement savings and other financial matters when a partner is no longer physically responsible.

And yes, concerns might arise about a depressed spouse’s use of alcohol or drugs to deal with depression. Substance abuse problems could create various unhealthy snowball effects in the relationship – substance abuse might lead to verbal or physical abuse.

A depressed spouse might engage in infidelity, potentially harming the marriage irreparably. Such actions could make divorce impossible to avoid.

Addressing depression

There might be ways for a spouse to overcome their depression. Seeking treatment may provide a solution that saves the marriage and prevents divorce. A supportive spouse could be there for a partner working to overcome their issues.

Some marriages may reach a point where divorce seems to be the only option. Those who worry about their mental, physical and financial safety might prefer to end the union.

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