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Why people engage in domestic violence

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic abuse can take many forms such as hitting a partner or controlling that person’s money. It may be grounds for a New Jersey judge to issue a restraining order or take other steps to protect a victim. There are several common reasons why an individual may harm his or her spouse or life partner.

It gives abusers a sense of control

Individuals who engage in domestic violence and abuse may believe that it is their right to exert dominance in a relationship. They may think that a relationship works best when the other person knows their role and is subservient to the needs of the perpetrator. It’s fairly common for abusers to lash out because they have been abused by partners or other authority figures in their lives. Therefore, they think that exerting dominance is a trait of a healthy relationship.

Abusers want to scare their partners into staying

An abuser may believe that hitting, belittling or otherwise controlling their partner will keep them from leaving. In some cases, abuse may begin after a victim articulates a desire to end a marriage or other type of romantic relationship. However, a perpetrator of domestic violence may be so insecure that controlling or manipulative behavior occurs early in the relationship without a specific trigger.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may obtain an order of protection against the perpetrator. It may also be grounds to terminate that person’s parental rights or to pursue a more generous outcome in a divorce case. Multiple lines of evidence may be used to prove that you were abused such as witness statements, a police report or pictures of your body after you were assaulted.

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