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When to consider a postnuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Marital Agreements |

After you get married in New Jersey, you may be concerned about protecting your assets if there’s ever a risk of getting divorced. Postnuptial agreements work well for protecting your assets if you never signed a prenuptial agreement. It’s ideal if you begin to acquire new assets or a business during the marriage.

A postnuptial agreement is also a consideration if you have children from a previous marriage whom you want to provide for even if the marriage ends in divorce. It’s a good idea if you recently received a large inheritance that you want to protect.

How to create a solid postnuptial agreement

If you want to begin creating a solid postnuptial agreement, reach out to an attorney with experience creating marital agreements. A legal professional may help you use the correct terminology to avoid any legal issues, such as tax implications.

The postnuptial agreement should include all your assets and liabilities. Make special arrangements for debts and liabilities, especially if there are name changes. Avoid waiving any rights to modify the document at a later date. You should think of future possibilities when creating the agreement instead of just thinking about the here and now. It’s also important to update it when you acquire new assets.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you want to create a postnuptial agreement to protect your assets, contact an attorney who has experience in marital agreements. The legal professional may answer your questions, inform you of your rights and work to ensure that the document is completed correctly. In the event of divorce, it’s important for this document to hold up under legal scrutiny, so you’ll want professional help creating it.

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