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Family law and license suspensions for delinquent child support

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2020 | Family Law |

After a New Jersey divorce, there are often remaining family law concerns that must be addressed. One that frequently arises is child support. In a best-case scenario, a child support order will be adhered to by the paying parent – also referred to as the obligor – and the payments will be made on time and in full. Unfortunately, there are cases in which the payments are not made. If there are legitimate reasons for this, it is imperative for the obligor to seek a modification, even if it is only for a brief duration. Failure to do so can result in penalties.

Delinquent child support is a major problem that negatively impacts the custodial parent and the best interests of the child. To compel supporting parents to pay, there are certain methods used by the court system such as suspending or revoking driver’s, recreational and professional licenses. These licenses can be suspended if the parent received a warrant for failure to pay child support. It is important to understand the circumstances that must be in place for the penalties to be assessed.

The licenses can be suspended, revoked or denied in the following situations: the parent has not paid and the arrears are equal to or exceed what is owed for six months; there has not been healthcare coverage for six months; and there was a subpoena regarding child support or paternity and it was ignored.

An arrest warrant can be issued for the following reasons: failing to pay child support; failing to appear at a hearing for child support or paternity; or for failing to appear at a child support enforcement hearing. These will also lead to a potential suspension of driving, professional and recreational privileges. The suspension will remain in effect until the child support payments are up to date.

A child support order must be followed and the payments made to care for the child. If the receiving parent does not get the payments in full or the paying parent is facing challenges such as job loss that are hindering the ability to pay, having legal assistance may be vital to handle the case. A law firm can provide advice and guidance for the entire process before and after a license suspension or revocation has been initiated. Calling for a consultation can be beneficial with child support and family law.

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