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When financial infidelity affects a marriage

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Divorce |

There are numerous reasons that New Jersey marriages end, but one of the most painful events that can lead to the end of a legal relationship is adultery. Adultery involves the extramarital sexual relationship of a person with a third party. When it happens, it may cause a difficult and unfixable rift between the person committing adultery and their spouse. Adultery, also called infidelity, can cause a lack of trust and support between two people who committed to spend their lives together.

Learning that one’s partner has had an affair can be a life-altering experience, but couples across the country are discovering the pain of deceit in their relationships from a different form of infidelity: financial infidelity. Financial infidelity happens when a person lies to their spouse about money or finances.

The lies that cause financial infidelity can be big or small. While one person may lie to their spouse about how much a new pair of shoes cost, another may lie about incurring a massive debt on their credit accounts. Financial infidelity, like adultery, can break the confidence that individuals have in their relationships, causing friction between spouses that can no longer trust each other.

While some couples may be able to work through their adultery and financial infidelity problems, others may find that their trust is broken and irreparable. Spouses who decide to end their marriages often turn to divorce to release them from their legal relationships. Family law and divorce attorneys in Clark and other communities can provide such individuals with the legal counseling they need to work out the details of their own divorce proceedings.

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