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On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Marital Agreements |

A marital agreement is an important legal document for individuals who wish to protect their assets and make financially sound decisions about their wealth. In New Jersey, individuals can enter into marital agreements before their weddings, but they can also create postnuptial agreements if they wish to wait until they have said, “I do”. The Law Office of Robert Ricci is available to support clients with these and other family law issues.

Marital agreements allow people to openly discuss the significant financial matters that will affect their legal relationships. When people come into new marriages with assets, commitments to children from prior relationships or business interests, they may have concerns about what will happen in the event that their new unions end in divorce. Marital agreements allow them to establish the rules by which such issues will be dealt with.

Not every person feels comfortable creating a marital agreement, but it is important that all individuals understand the value of them before they decide to create one or leave it out of their planning. Attorney Robert Ricci offers individual consultations to clients who have questions about how marital agreements may serve their long-term needs.

A marital agreement is more than a divorce document. It is a planning tool that gives men and women expectations about how financial and property matters will managed during their marriages as well as how those topics may be addressed if their relationships end in divorce.

To begin learning more about how marital agreements may support readers’ individual needs, those who are interested are invited to visit attorney Robert Ricci online for more information about premarital agreements. Whether you seek to draft or enforce a marital agreement, it is important to become well informed about you options and rights.

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