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New Jersey laws impact divorce procedures and outcomes

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Divorce |

The term “divorce” refers to the process of ending a legal relationship and returning two people to the status of single. Across the nation, individuals may seek to end their marriages in divorce and to live their lives separate and apart from their partners. Divorce is an option for New Jersey residents, and those who decide to pursue it should be aware that state law controls it.

What that means is that even though divorces happen in all 50 states of the nation, New Jersey divorces follow state-established procedures and must conform to state-specific laws. For example, in New Jersey, a person may use fault as a ground to base their petition for divorce. In some jurisdictions, fault is not a permissible basis for ending a marriage.

Additionally, some states require divorcing parties to go through a waiting period before their divorce decrees become final, but in New Jersey, divorces may be finalized immediately if neither party to them objects to ending the relationships. As readers can see, divorce may have a universal meaning but may be subject to different terms and conditions based on where it occurs.

Attorney Robert Ricci serves the needs of New Jersey residents in the greater Clark community. His family law practice includes the representation of divorce clients, as well as support for individuals working through divorce-related issues like alimony, child support and child custody. His basis in New Jersey law provides his local clients with knowledge and information so that they can make good choices about how best to work through the details of their individual divorces.

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