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Putting your children first when it comes to custody

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Family Law |

The end of a marital relationship can be traumatic on two people who believed that they would stay together until the ends of their lives. While they come to terms with filing for divorce, their children may go through their own crises as they worry about where they will live, who will care for them and what unexpected changes will come their way as their parents move on with separate lives. These concerns are not uncommon for New Jersey children who are fearful of what the future will bring once their parents’ divorces are finalized.

Though, it is not possible to eliminate all of the fear that may accompany a drastic change like a divorce, parents can be proactive when it comes to mitigating the stress their kids experience as their parents’ relationship are dissolved. By anticipating their children’s needs and putting their interests first, New Jersey parents can help their children transition into their new futures with as little difficulty as possible.

The Law Office of Robert Ricci understands that the upheaval divorce throws into the lives of parents and children is immense. Parents do not stop being parents just because they are no longer married to their spouses, and therefore, our firm works tirelessly with parents to educate and inform them about their rights and options when it comes to settling the custodial and support decisions that will affect their kids.

A divorce affects more than the two parties to the legal action: their children’s futures will be altered forever as their parents untie their lives. Individuals who wish to work with legal professionals who compassionately work with families during their times of struggle are invited to visit our law fimr’s family law webpage. The Law Office of Robert Ricci Jr. is available to answer questions and help those dealing with family law issues.

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