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A review of domestic violence in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence is a difficult topic for individuals who live in Clark. Victims who suffer at the hands of people who should love and support them may not want to call attention to themselves and friends who recognize the signs of it in their friends’ lives may not want to address the uncomfortable topic. However, domestic violence is a reality for too many men and women, and understanding what it is can be the first step toward getting through it.

Domestic violence is not just physical violence. It can be emotional, psychological, financial, sexual or physical harm inflicted on a victim. The reasons that aggressors choose to torment their victims can vary but in general domestic violence is used to control and intimidate victims into submitting to their aggressors’ influences.

Domestic violence also does not just occur between married people. It can happen between individuals who are dating, who share children or who are expecting children together. When domestic violence happens between people who have kids, then their children may also become victims of family violence and the stresses that come along with it.

A domestic violence aggressor may break many state and federal laws when they act against their victim. Kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault, harassment and many other laws may be implicated when an aggressor undertakes their depraved tactics to control and humiliate their victim. Readers who are suffering from domestic violence right now should know that they are not alone. Legal advisers who support domestic violence victims can offer them guidance and options for protecting themselves and freeing their lives from the control of the individuals who wish to intimidate them.

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