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Factors that may be considered in an order for child support

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Family Law |

When a parent brings a child into their family through birth or adoption, they take on the responsibility of providing that child with what they need to live. In New Jersey and throughout the rest of the country, that can mean ensuring that the child has shelter, food, clothing, access to education, healthcare and many other necessities. A parent must also provide a child with love and emotional support, but it is the other requirements that will impose financial strains on their wages and income.

If co-parents choose to end their relationship and live separately, then they will likely have to come to some form of agreement regarding how they will continue to support their child. Depending upon the parents’ capacities to provide ongoing care to their child one may be awarded physical custody of the child while the other is granted visitation time. When a noncustodial parent lives apart from their child they are often required to pay child support in order to continue to give their child what they need.

Child support in New Jersey is established by guidelines that dictate how much each parent should pay to care for their child. Factors that are relevant to child support determinations include the incomes of the parents, extra costs that are needed for child rearing such as child care or daycare expenses and expenses related to providing a child with medical insurance.

Parents who pay child support are held to their obligation and can be penalized if they fail to meet the expectations of their child support orders or agreements. To this end, child support is an important family law matter that parents should take seriously and talk over with their trusted family law attorneys. This ensures they are aware of the situation and how best to address this matter.

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